Harris Golf Will Manage the Facility

Buying a country club was never on Southport resident Paul Coulombe's bucket list.

When Coulombe heard hints this summer that the Boothbay Country Club was in trouble, he was concerned. When he heard the golf course was in danger of closing through a bank-driven "power of sale," he took action. No bids came in at auction. Coulombe immediately began negotiations; within days, they had a deal.

"I've played this course many times; it's worth saving" Coulombe said. "I feel the club is a critical component of our community that attracts both out-of-state visitors and Maine residents. Like the Opera House, Library, Cuckolds Light, and YMCA - all local endeavors I have supported in the past. Boothbay Country Club is equally important to our region."

The club has a place both in history and in the hearts of golfers far and wide, said Jeff Harris, president of Harris Golf. "This is a club steeped in history. Francis Ouimet, the winner of the 1913 U.S. Open, held the course record here for many years. The layout is a classic Wayne Stiles design from golf's Golden Age of architecture. And for generations of golfers from all over New England, Boothbay is full of special memories."

This special meaning is not lost on Coulombe. Being a golfer himself, he said he knows how important the game is to those who play, and to the community in which the course resides.

"When people plan their summer vacations, they target destinations that will appeal to all members of the family ... the Boothbay region has it all, and golfing is part of that equation," says Coulombe.

Harris Golf will be responsible for management of the course.

"We're thrilled to be involved with the project," Harris said. "Paul's philanthropic work is well-known here on the peninsula, and his decision to step in and save this important club is evidence of his great love and passion for two things: the game of golf and the Boothbay region."

And, Coulombe says, it's not just about regional economics. "I want to introduce the game of golf to as many people as possible. It's a sport you can play your entire life. I'll encourage youth programs for children of all ages in the Boothbay area, and will provide qualified PGA pros to teach the game."

So what's ahead for the Boothbay Country Club?

"This all happened very fast," Coulombe said. "The plan for the future is being developed as we speak." His biggest goal at this point is to stabilize the club and see it back in running order. "In this first year, we will concentrate on getting the course, greens, fairways, bunkers, into the best shape possible.

"In the coming years, we hope to make more substantial facility improvements so that the amenities of the club match the caliber of the golf. I feel strongly that the Boothbay Country Club can be better, far better, than it has ever been before. It has the right location, and a framework that will allow us to bring world class golf to the Boothbay region."

Knickerbocker Group President Steve Malcom said he understands Coulombe's vision. "I've worked with Paul for many years and know he is deeply committed to our region. We're fortunate he has chosen this peninsula as his home.


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