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Sports Vision Introduces New Online Tournament Interface

Sports Vision Technologies, which manufactures the P3 golf simulator, announced a new online format and website that enables golfers to meet up for foursomes and tournaments.

"This isn't virtual golf played with a keyboard," said company founder Les Otten. "We've developed a system that enables players to play with their own clubs, in their own homes, and compete in real time with players around the world."

The P3 golf simulator, which uses optical measurements of club heads traveling across a special swing surface, provides highly accurate swing tracking. The optical data is analyzed by proprietary software, which graphically displays ball flight. Every club in a golfer's bag, including the putter, can be used.

"The P3 system was developed primarily for home use," said Otten, "but they were designed from the start with highly accurate analysis in mind. They're so accurate that a number of indoor golf training facilities use them. They provide comparable performance to units costing 20 to 30 times more, and those systems don't have the online capabilities that we've developed."

The new World Dunes interface was created in conjunction with Sports Vision Technologies and harnesses the P3 to the Internet, allowing players to compete online - including real-time video and VVoIP (Voice and Video over Internet Protocol) discussion between players, who can see and hear their competitors and the shots they make.

World Dunes and Sports Vision Technologies are offering tournaments, challenges and long-drive contests on a regular basis.

"This is brand new territory for ardent golfers," Otten said. "While there have been a handful of online tournaments using swing analyzers in the past, these have almost invariably been conducted in expensive indoor golf training facilities. P3 and World Dunes now make it possible to play real golf at home, any time you want."

The P3 golf simulator, which includes the hitting surface and software, is priced at $599. Many users add options including custom swing mats, cages to trap ball flight (P3 golfers can use regular or foam golf balls, and the optical swing analysis will work even if no ball is used) and projection video systems for full-sized simulation. Up to 92 unique 18-hole golf courses may be played. P3 golf simulators are made in the United States.

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